The modern workplace strives to be paperless, but it’s an ideal that can be difficult to achieve.

According to a recent industry survey of over 2,000 office workers, 92% admit to still printing on a daily basis, with nearly half printing over ten pages per day.

Technology can play an important role in relieving the paper burden. We’ve come a long way since the filing cabinet was invented in the 1880s. It’s a journey that took offices through servers, to PCs and the first electronic document management systems (EDMS) a hundred years’ later, which introduced the concept of automating the process of document retention and the timely destruction of records.

Today, progressive companies are exploiting EDM to the full by integrating it with their business processes and functions, such as dynamic workflow design, automated workflow and business intelligence dashboards.

What the session covers

 Attend this session and you will hear the story of large multi-site organisations that went from filing cabinet to automated workflow in just a few years.

  • Discover the journey it took, celebrating the highs and overcoming the challenges.
  • The functionality deployed, and the benefits it provides users with.
  • How it aids with compliance management.
  • Lessons learned and how they can be applied to others organisations.

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