So many business processes rely on documents to run smoothly; it’s the reason that information is said to be an organisation’s most valuable asset. Document management is essential to protect this information. However, an inadequate solution, or one that’s poorly implemented, can cause great inefficiencies; industry research shows that knowledge workers can waste 25% of their time – that’s one day every week – searching for information.

Historically, workflow has been complex, difficult to implement and virtually impossible to change once deployed. So how can we make document management more dynamic to enable information to flow more freely?

Dynamic Workflow Designer from Document Logistix enables users with no technical background to create workflows dynamically through a visual tool to eliminate the high-cost of workflow programming.

What the session covers

Attend this event and you will discover why Document Logistix offers more than a basic electronic document management system. During the session we will explore the following functionality:

  • Review processes simply through ‘drag and drop’ updated rules-based workflows.
  • Assign any number of labelled workflow checkpoints with sub tasks according assigned roles.
  • Use rules to prevent work passing to the next stage until each checkpoint requirement is met.
  • Assign alerts and email messages to flag issues or ask for comments.
  • View an automatically generated full audit trail at the end of a workflow process.

Dynamic Workflow Designer can be used to create workflows for any business function, from manufacturing to HR, warehousing and distribution, professional services or retail, and 83% of users see a positive ROI from their investment.

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