Automating Human Resources document management

Large businesses handle thousands of P60s, P45s, P11Ds and other workforce contracts and documents each year. The volume of documents that HR departments handle is further increased by changes in labour legislation.

Document management solutions with document imaging and archiving help HR Managers to efficiently capture and associate documents with employees in a digital format, eliminating the need for physical document storage. Document Manager integrates seamlessly with HR and Payroll applications, and gives users access to documents via a rich client or web interface.

Document Manager works within existing HR solutions as a request and retrieve tool operated via the existing HR solution GUI. It also ensures all security protocols within the existing HR solution are enforced.

Electronic document management enables all physical and digital documents relating to an employee to be captured and stored, including emails. These may be required during HR or legal proceedings. All documents scanned into Document Manager are admissible in court in their electronic form.

Document Manager is a leading end-to-end digital document management solution and software supplier which provides DM solutions to customers around the world and in all markets including HR, Financial Services, Logistics, Policing, Retail and Education.

Electronic document management for HR | Video

Chris Gubbins, Document Logistix HR specialist, talks about the challenges faced by HR departments, how Document Manager helps improve process efficiency, and the next steps that help you to see how your new system will work using your company processes and data.

Case Study

"Document Manager was simply the most cost-effective way of achieving our aims. We could how the system had worked for other organisations with similar challenges, and how its use brought significant and beneficial changes to business processes"

Richard Baldwin Hay
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