Accelerated Proof of Delivery capture improves cashflow.

For many businesses, poor Proof of Delivery document capture causes slow customer invoicing and subsequent high Debtor Days. To improve invoice processing and cashflow, these businesses need to capture and manage their PoD data more effectively.

Document Manager is a digital document management solution with workflow and document storage management software designed to capture, store and process PoDs more effectively, to accelerate invoice processing and improve cash flow.

At Document Manager's core is a scanning engine that indexes very large volumes of docments accurately and efficiently. Document Manager's user-definable indexing fields and folder structures allow PoDs to be captured and stored very accurately and quickly in a secure electronic document management system. Document Manager then presents the PoDs to internal and external users via a web interface.

Document Manager provides seamless integrated document management with finance applications to enhance the invoicing process and provides missing PoD reports to alert users to problems before they affect cashflow, providing economical enterprise document management throughout an organization. In an enterprise environment it is one of the building blocks of Business Process Management (BPM).

With powerful document archiving and imaging features, Document Manager is a totally configurable document mamagement system which meets client needs and provides PoD management that can be deployed at individual business sites or from a central location.

Why Choose Us

Features and Benefits

  • High volume, low effort PoD document capture.
  • Handle multiple document types and sizes.
  • User definable indexing and folder set up.
  • Manual or fully automated indexing using OCR.
  • Workflow capabilities for standardising PoD processing.
  • Presentation to internal / external users using Web interface.
  • Ability to meet customer SLAs.
  • Tracking of missing PoDs.
  • Reduction in debtor days through PoD tracking.
  • Integration with finance solutions for streamlined invoicing.