Capture, process & store Invoices and Transaction Documentation with Document Manager

Document Manager helps organisations deliver a more efficient and effective system for managing transaction related documents. Document Manager integrates with existing systems to provide streamlined business processes.

Document Manager underpins operational processes, ensuring all documents that relate to a transaction, wherever they are generated, are captured, centrally managed and available to users immediately when required, regardless of location.

Document Manager removes the doubt and delay normally involved in approving invoices. The software delivers tight control and visibility througout the invoice approval process. Document Logistix Document Manager improves the efficiency of your supply chain and helps you develop better customer relationships.

Invoice Processing Steps with Document Manager

  • Capture Documents using MFD's, scanners, faxes, email or directly from your accounts system whether located at remote offices or a central head office

  • Extract data directly from captured documents for storage with original document and for updating other systems to reduce mis-keying and manual data entry overheads
  • Workflow for invoice approvals automatically distributes invoices to correct users for approval, massively accelerating the approvals process
  • Process invoices capturing required data during the workflow process when invoices are approved, rejected or held.
  • Notify and report when invoices and Proof of Delivery documents are not returned on time or when staff and suppliers need to be alerted to a payment status
  • Quick access to invoices and other related documents directly from your Accounts system along with an up to the minute workflow audit status
  • Update Accounts systems with process information; even activate other processes beyond Document Manager when a workflow step is performed.

Operational benefits

  • Reduction in effort to capture purchase invoice data while ensuring it is accurate and correct
  • Reduction in administration to file, manage and retrieve invoices and other documents
  • Eliminate misfiling and lost invoices, providing instant secure access to documents using a web browser, Document Manager Desktop and or existing systems
  • Release valuable office space by removing filing cabinets and photocopying while reducing paper usage and consumables
  • Quickly resolve payment discrepancies, queries and claims by providing staff with online access to related Proof of Delivery and other payment related documents
  • Stop losing documents by removing the paper chase and manage the process electronically
  • Maintain control and visibility of the invoice approval process using Document Manager to alert you to and quickly follow up on any delays
  • Only authorise invoice payment for goods received by providing managers and Accounts staff with instant access to Proof of Delivery notes and other payment related documents directly from the finance system

Strategic benefits of deploying Document Manager

  • Improve cash flow, reduce debtor days, reduce claims, cut overheads by streamlining the invoice approval processes Improve efficiency and motivate staff, improve customer service, enforce regulatory and auditor compliance, improve supply chain relationship and add value to the corporate image.

Case Study

"Initially we weren't looking for a full document management system, we just wanted a solution for raising purchase orders, receiving goods and receiving and processing invoices that could be easily integrated with our existing systems. When we looked at the DM market, we found that other solutions were too structured around image capture and storage, whereas our focus was on finding a solution that worked with our existing, non-image based financial applications and workflow”

Spirax Sarco Cost Accountant Adrian Powell
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