Document Manager for Vehicle Fleet Management.

Fleet managers face an increasing burden of paper work from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency. Staying on top of it, and keeping your vehicles on the road, requires effective document management.

Many companies still struggle with paper systems for vehicle taxation, MOT testing, accident reports, personnel records, procedure manuals etc… But with new regulations creating ever more paper work, these systems are often overloaded and unreliable. Fleet managers need electronic Document Management systems that enable them to rapidly react to VOSA demands, so their fleet can be kept on the road.

Fleet documentation must be accurately maintained for VOSA compliance. Storing paper files is simply no longer good enough. It does not enable remote staff to access documents, and records are often inaccurate or incomplete, leaving the operator exposed and open to prosecution.

Fleet Managment

Document Manager for Fleet Management

Document Manager for Fleet Management is a digital document management solution that makes running and managing a fleet of vehicles easier - be they HGV / PSV or Cars / LGV's.

The solution incorporates a central repository that stores a wide variety of documents relating to the fleet including emails and other correspondence; this enables highly efficient centralised fleet management.

Document Manager provides users in remote sites with web access to the centralised document store. Local fleet managers can capture, view and manage documents over the web. Documents saved locally instantly become part of the central data set.

Document Manager handles all major electronic document types (emails, Word, Excel files), scanned images, taxation documents, service records, voice and photographic files. Archiving software stores emails away from the central email server and document workflow software can control all processing. All information relating to each vehicle is stored in a logical structure with indexing that makes retrieval simple and quick.

The Right Product

Features and Benefits

  • Simplified management and recording of taxation and testing processes.
  • Visibility of vehicles' historical safety checks and records at the touch of a button.
  • Management of incident logs or unit failures.
  • Management of all drivers' licenses, accidents, incidents and prosecutions, etc.
  • Storage and management of drivers' procedure documentation.
  • Remote Web access for local fleet managers of vehicle documentation.
  • Collaborative management of rented units with leasing agents, including contracts, invoicing and maintenance records.
  • Management of maintenance plans, staff, abilities and service histories.
  • Ability to define and build operational workflow into events such as fleet taxing.
  • Rapid access to key documents in the event of an inspection or vehicle incident.

Our Customers

Document Logistix Customers

Document Logistix helps leading logistics businesses including as LEX, DHL, TNT, Ceva Logistics, Christian Salvesen, Dairy Crest and Gullivers Vehicle Leasing manage their fleet documents, providing these clients with powerful solutions that are tailored to meet their needs. The Document Manager solution deliver immediate improvements in Fleet management process efficiency and a rapid return on investment.

Document Logistix is a leading document management solution provider, supplying software and systems to over 300 customers around the world.

Case Study

"Document Manager was simply the most cost-effective way of achieving our aims. We could how the system had worked for other organisations with similar challenges, and how its use brought significant and beneficial changes to business processes"

Richard Baldwin Hay
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