End-To-End Document Management for Multi-Drop Logistics

Drinks distribution operations offer unique document management challenges. Distributors typically deal with a large client base of retail and entertainment customers. They need to keep these customers fully stocked year round, despite highly fluctuating and seasonal demand. To achieve this, distribution operations must be able to execute orders accurately within very tight timescales.

To enable rapid delivery turnaround and subsequent customer invoicing, suppliers must ensure that their POD documents are captured and processed quickly and effectively. Other key documentation such as goods-in receipts, supplier invoices and vehicle records must also be captured if the operation is to run smoothly and efficiently.

Any document management solution for this industry must also be able to handle the consolidated nature of various delivery documents - whereby a single delivery note will be used to satisfy several customers during one delivery run.

Some distributors have made steps towards the automation of delivery document capture and management. But many still employ paper based systems that result in increasing debtor days and growing issues around the storage of volumes of paper.

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Document management for drinks distribution

Document Manager for Drinks Logistics is an electronic document management solution designed to automate and accelerate the daily tasks associated with capturing, storing, processing and managing PODs and other delivery documentation.

The core of the solution is a simple yet powerful scanning engine which has the capacity to provide manual or fully automated indexing in order to capture high volumes of documents accurately and efficiently. By using user definable indexing fields and folder structures, PODs and other related documentation can be captured and stored presented to internal and external users using a simple web interface to the digital document management system.

In addition to the solution's ability to capture vast numbers of PODs, Document Manager also features a range of useful functions: these include missing POD reporting, fleet documentation management and HR documentation management. Integration with finance applications through its workflow software will enhance invoicing processes, while the email archiving software module optimizes the use of central email servers. The Document Manager solution can be customised to suit individual operational needs and will result in a complete ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution within a Drinks Logistics business.

The Right Product

Features and Benefits

  • High Volume, Low Effort capture of POD documents.
  • Ability to handle additional variable document types and sizes.
  • User definable indexing and folder set up.
  • Manual or fully automated indexing using OCR.
  • Workflow capabilities for standardising POD processing.
  • Presentation to internal / external users using Web interface.
  • Ability to meet customer SLAs.
  • Tracking of missing PODs.
  • Reduction in debtor days through POD tracking.
  • Integration with finance solutions for streamlined invoicing.

Our Customers

Document Logistix Customers

Development of the Document Manager POD Management system has drawn upon significant experience gained working with leading Drinks Logistics organisations including DHL/Exel Tradeteam, Direct Wines and The Wine Society. Document Manager delivers our customers powerful, flexible and user friendly solutions for their document management and a rapid return on investment. Document Manager is a leading end-to-end document management solution and software supplier which provides DM solutions to customers around the world and in all markets including HR, Financial Services, Logistics, Policing, Retail and Education.

Case Study

"We chose Document Manager because of its simplicity, flexibility and scalability – for workflow and document management. Also, because of its ability to integrate fully with Great Plains. It was competitively priced with a good track record with large user bases.”

Finance Manager Jo Quigg
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