The Fax module of the Document Manager software captures incoming and outgoing faxes and saves them to the document management system without the need for paper copies.

It integrates with the following fax products:

  • WinFax
  • RightFax
  • Castelle FaxPress (our recommended option)
  • GoldFax

It can be configured to poll the fax system periodically and suspend polling between certain times of day (to allow for down time, backups etc).

Multiple profiles can be configured to allow different faxes (different fax lines, mailboxes etc.) to be processed differently.

Faxes from specific Senders can be included or excluded.

Faxes can optionally be removed from the Fax software once captured.

Faxes can be saved as documents to a specific drawer in the document management system or as batches.

Field values can be picked up from the fax software and used for document indexing, including the Sender Id, Date/Time the fax was received/sent and number of pages.

Permissions can be applied to the documents/batches to restrict access.