Full document management facilities for email archives.

Email servers are inefficient at storing information. The ever-increasing volume of messages and attachments makes email archiving a serious issue for all organizations.

Legislation is being enacted in many countries requiring organizations to retain more documents – for tax authorities, to comply with Sarbanes Oxley or the UK's FSA regulations.

At the same time the company intelligence contained in emails is increasing, but with no systematic and secure process for storing old messages and attachments.

Business processes which use the normal mail client for searching and retrieving messages from large email storage become overloaded. Without the correct tools it can take days or even weeks to locate information.

The Document Manager Email Management Solution

Document Logistix's email archive provides a seamless and automatic interface into the Document Manager system, which operates in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server to copy email messages and their attachments into a secure repository outside the mail server.

Document Logistix's email archive service sends a copy of each email to Document Manager at the point of sending or receiving.

This combination of software can manage all emails and all documents in a central, unified system with full indexing, searching and retrieval processes.

Mail server performance is not impeded since Document Manager's email archive service can reside on separate systems.

Life-cycle management rules enable the administrator to optimize disk space on the mail server and to meet common compliance regulations protecting messages from deletion.

Features and benefits:

  • Document Manager's email archive service does not reside on the mail server – only copies of emails are used
  • Document Manager's email archive service is fully integrated with archived messages and attachments being stored in Document Manager databases
  • Administrators define manual or fully automated indexing
  • Associate emails to members of staff, customers or suppliers etc by matching with email addresses or domain names
  • Message and attachment searching and retrieval is fast and straightforward
  • Messages and attachments are kept in a secure repository outside the mail server Full security allows restricted access to specific emails


Document Manager is a leading end-to-end document management solution and provides DM solutions to customers around the world and in all markets including HR, Financial Services, Logistics, Policing, Retail and Education.