The General Data Protection Regulation: Records compliance

How to embed good governance in your records and document management

Records management is a hot topic with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) only a year away.

This new directive poses a risk to businesses compared with previous versions as sanctions can be up to four percent of a company’s worldwide turnover.

The good news is that a retention policy that enables organisations to capture, manage and destroy information automatically is relatively simple to achieve.

GDPR compliance records retention management

Is your retention policy GDPR-ready and enforceable?

Many organisations are able to track usage of records, files and documents. But the question is, do they have an enforceable retention policy?

A retention policy sets the time that information, data and records must be managed and retained. It provides a framework for employees on how they should manage information - from creation to destruction – to comply with data management regulations.

A retention policy includes both paper and digital formats, which adds an element of complexity if a paper version has been printed and tucked away in a drawer.

Approaches to retention policy enforcement: manual or automated?

When individuals are left to monitor and enforce a retention policy, it involves significant manual intervention, time, effort and cost.

Alternatively, organisations that ruthlessly delete files that have reached their end of life (EOL), without any forewarning for staff, could potentially lose important records.

Neither approach is satisfactory.

Integrated document and records management is safest for regulatory compliance

Given that corporate data includes everything from employee information, client records, business accounting details to supplier emails – practically any data that is used for or generated during business operation - adopting integrated document and records management processes is essential.

Document Logistix can help you to ensure that retention policies can be applied automatically to physical files, electronic documents and emails.

Our software embeds good governance practices so that policies can be enforced in both controlled and uncontrolled environments, inside and outside the corporate firewall.

Automation of the process also reduces cost of both managing information and enforcing a retention policy.

Document Manager provides comprehensive on-premise, Cloud and SaaS options

Document Manager has been the trusted DM solution of small and large organisations for more than 20 years. We have an in-depth knowledge of many industry sectors, including law, manufacturing, logistics, professional services, finance and education.

Retention management is a natural extension of our Document Manager system, so it is seamlessly integrated in your day-to-day, month-to-month and year-on-year business workflow.

Integrated document and records management and automation make compliance less burdensome and costly to the business, and reduces the risk of penalties.

Document Logistix experts are talking to companies every day about how to get ready for the EU General Data Protection Regulation. If you are not sure about GDPR implications for your organisation or would like to find out more about your options. please Get in touch