Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DLX software and solution development driven by customer engagement

This year’s Document Logistix User Group demonstrated yet again how close customer relationships and dialogue contribute to product innovation.

Document Logistix customers work in many sectors – as diverse as education, property management, housing associations, law firms, manufacturing, insurance and finance. And users of Document Manager work in every department, front of house and back, including Accounts, Customer Services, Procurement and HR.

Document Logistix User 2016 Group, held at MK Dons stadium, saw a wide spectrum of industries and job roles represented.

Document Logistix staff were delighted to have their customers present, both to talk about how the use of Document Manager has developed in their organisations, and to learn about the Document Manager roadmap.

Document Logistix partners were also in attendance. For example, PanIntelligence presented on embedded business intelligence as an integrated option.

Customer engagement contributes to Document Logistix product development programmes. Real-world experience and changing document management needs are factored in to new software realeases.

A hot topic this year was the advent of new cloud document management solutions, which particularly interested delegates from universities.

The User Group comprised long-standing Document Logistix customers, such as an insurance company that has been on an eight-year journey from filing cabinets to paperless; and a housing association that presented to the Group in detail how it has expanded the use of electronic document management estate-wide across multiple departments. There were also Document Manager uses and helpdesk advisors who had only been working with Document Logistix products for a few months, who ere nonetheless keen to hear about the development roadmap.

Click on the image below to see a video of feedback from the DLX 2016 User Group. DLX User Group video.

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